Keyless Locks Vs. Regular Deadbolts

Keyless door entry systems are more common than deadbolt locks in most places, but the latter uses a key and smart technology for the first company. Deadbolts require a key to unlock them. Take a look at a keyless lock. These locks are also more convenient than traditional types since they allow your children to enter their homes whenever possible. Many people have yet to learn what type of lock they need – ask help from Slotenmaker Schiedam. They want the best protection, but they need to know how different locks work, and first-time users are often overwhelmed with all their options. A regular deadbolt uses a key, whereas a keyless lock requires a pin code, fingerprint, and smart technology.

They also have distinct appearances. A traditional lock is installed within the door frame, whereas a keyless system is installed outside the door frame. Keyless locks are typically battery-powered and have a keypad on the front.

Which is preferable: keyless locks or traditional deadbolts? Your personal preferences, budget, and lifestyle will determine whether you choose a keyless lock or a traditional deadbolt. The advantages and disadvantages of each style are listed below.


Keyless locks have the advantage in terms of convenience. You won’t have to rake through your bag or pocket to find your keys if your hands are full of dogs, kids, shopping, or other bulky items. Many keyless systems also illuminate, making locating the key entry point easier when returning home in the dark.

However, keyless locks have flaws. If they are pin-activated, it may be a problem if you or a family member need to remember the code. Furthermore, you may be left in the cold if the battery dies or a software update fails.

The Ease of Access

This entails having a spare key made or concealing the key somewhere outside the home. You also have to deal with the hassle of returning the key when it is no longer required.

You can give them the code to a keyless locking system for easier access. If your full-time employees no longer need access to your house, you can easily rescind that privilege. Alternatively, they can also be automatically canceled by setting up a limited-time schedule.

A sophisticated smart lock system may also be easier to use than a standard key for homeowners with disabilities or dexterity issues.

However, these extra access features may be overwhelming if you are not a tech enthusiast. Keeping a few spare keys on hand may be a better option.

Determining the Quality of a Lock in Security

Whether keyed or keyless, make sure the lock is of high quality for its function. The BHMA is a leading organization for keeping hardware safe and upholding standards.They also employ a grading system to assess the hardware’s durability and security. 

In reality, no lock will significantly deter a determined burglar. They are usually opportunists who will look for an unlocked door or window and can force it open. Choose camera surveillance security systems for serious deterrence.

Installation Ease

Most standard locks and keyless varieties are simple to install. Many only require a screwdriver, making it possible to do it yourself. Locks are an essential part of every home’s security. They should be easy to install as a standard lock unless you’re installing keyless locks as part of a complex in-home security system. They are typically battery-powered, so no electrical wiring is required.

For added security, you should have any new locks installed by a locksmith. They will ensure that the job is completed to a high standard and will identify any issues with door maintenance, hinges, and fittings.


A traditional lock is a way to go if you want your door to look sleek and streamlined. Keyless systems are larger, have fewer finish options, and may become obsolete faster than traditional locks.

Issues of Power

Some keyless locks are hardwired to the electricity in your home. If there is a power outage, the locks may become inoperable. Most of these systems, however, have backup batteries or a backup key option. You may also be locked out if you lock your door remotely using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

A regular deadbolt is the best option if you’re on a tight budget, don’t like technology, or prefer a simple design. Keyless locks are becoming increasingly desired because they offer a lot of flexibility for homeowners. Additionally, you can upgrade at any time and have complete convenience.