Retrospecting Colorado Supreme Court’s Decision to Disqualify Trump as Presidential Candidate

The highest court in the state of Colorado came out with a ruling that barred Donald Trump from running as Republican presidential candidate in the 2024 election. Through a majority vote of 4 out of 7 Colorado Supreme Court justices, the decision to exclude Trump in the GOP’s line up of 2024 primary candidates, prevailed.

supreme courtThe 4 justices who voted to disqualify the ex-president cited Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. This law specifically states that under no circumstances that a person shall be allowed to hold civil or military office as a State Representative in Congress or as a Senator; or even be considered as a primary elector or nominee particularly for the position of President or Vice President of the federal government’s Executive Branch.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s disqualification ruling is based on the former U.S. president’s role in instigating the siege that took place at the Capitol on January 06, 2021. The violent attack was set off after Trump came out of the White House and spoke to his supporters in the morning before the rioters went to Capitol Hill.

Icapitol hill riot Jan 06, 2021n claiming that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, he roused his MAGA supporters to prevent Congress, especially his Vice President Mike Pence, from certifying the election results.

The Second Impeachment Against Trump Left the Doors Open for a Trump Reelection Bid

Many contend that Trump’s disqualification was a legal matter that should have been settled by way of the second impeachment proceeding that Congress passed after the violent Jan. 06 Capitol riot. Trump was impeached by the majority of the House of Representatives for blatantly inciting his supporters to rebel against the results of the 2020 Presidential Elections.

The US Senate however, led by Kentucky Senator and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, voted to acquit Trump of his seditious acts on the grounds that the latter was already voted out of office at the time of the impeachment. The acquittal therefore left the doors open for Trump to vie for reelection as US president.

The decision to disqualify Trump in the Republican primary election varies from state to state particularly in the so-called “swing states.” Trump, though, vows to file for an appeal with the federal Supreme Court, where majority of the justices are Trump appointees.